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About the Brand

My Fairy Garden is a leading toy brand, offering toys of great quality that encourage children to interact with nature, through safe and innovative play, such as growing plants, observing the nature and learning about the environment.

Gardening can be a fun new skill to learn! Spending time tending to plants and caring for a fairy garden can develop self-confidence, especially when children are allowed to dig the soil and get a little dirty!

Our kits are designed to give children this experience, the satisfaction of growing something that they can take care of themselves, something that they can be proud of creating.

My Fairy Garden offers children the opportunity to explore the natural world in a safe, yet exciting new level. Beautiful playsets can be created very easily with the fairies, their friends and the accessories that come with our kits. Everything is included to grow your own fairy garden, the perfect setting for an enchanted playtime with the fairies!

The My Fairy Garden website invites visitors to a magical garden where the world is seen through the eyes of the fairies as they go about their chores, working and playing together and generally having lots of fun!

As guardians of nature, fairies have lots of things to teach us. We hope you will enjoy visiting the website again, to find out what the fairies have been up to. They love surprises so you never know what you might find!

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