Age: 9
Address: Fairy Garden
Character: Shy, quiet, reflective, calm, clever, artistic and thoughtful and is sometimes a bit timid.
Favourite colours: mint green and ice blue
Friends with: Mouse, Little owl, robin
Birthday: 1st February
Family: 1 older brother
Hobbies and Interests: Growing micro greens, juicing, cooking, art, writing, listening to stories and meditation.


Create a Winter Fairy Garden!

It’s fun to decorate your Fairy Garden with a winter theme! Here are some decoration ideas: Holly Pinecones Mini pine trees Leaves and ferns Acorns Sticks Red berries Fairy lights …add baubles, tinsel, candy canes and more for a Christmas theme!   We’ve put these tips together on activity sheet you can download and print!

Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Magic is especially strong at dusk, when the birds sing as daylight fades into night.

Fairy Fenn and her Watering Can

Belle had been busy working to paint the landscape wintery white! It was her favourite time of year and she loved how the landscape looked crisp and clean! It was like looking at a painting!

Belle the Winter Fairy is keeping busy

Belle the Winter Fairy is keeping busy with her seasonal tasks. Firstly, she helps nature prepare for winter time by freezing the landscape. This signals the plants and trees to conserve energy, ready for Spring. Secondly, Belle looks after the plants that dare to flower in the cold months. Bright yellow Winter Jasmine helps us […]

Happy Solstice!

21st of December is the Winter Solstice. Winter solstice is the first day of winter. The fairies are sending you their Solstice blessings and wishing you a beautiful Winter that is full of fun!

Belle the Winter Fairy

Belle and mouse had moved indoors at the end of summer. It was no good getting waterlogged with all the rain they had been experiencing. It was almost winter and Belle was concerned that her garden was looking unseasonably summery, although it was nice on a sunny day to sit on the painted stones and […]