Make a Fairy Party Bunting with Lily!

Lily the summer fairy was proud of the lettuce and carrots that she had grown in her garden. She celebrated Harvest by sharing the vegetables with her friends. Heather the autumn fairy was grateful for the carrots which made a nice cake.


With fondness, Lily remembered her birthday, back in the summer, when she had shared the carrot cake with her friends. They had a wonderful tea party in the roof top garden.


The paper bunting looked so pretty that Lily decided to show you how she made it, so that you can make some too, for your fairy garden.


Firstly, you need to tie a piece of string or thread, to two sticks so that they make a washing line.


Secondly, you need to cut some triangles out of patterned or coloured paper. You will need 2 triangles of paper to make one bunting triangle, as they will be glued together, blank side to blank side, sandwiching the string in between.

Have fun!