Lily loves sunshine!

Lily feels so happy when the sun shines that she can’t wait to be outside! In the winter, she can usually be found singing in the sunshine with the birds! Every day Lily finds something to be grateful for, even on cold, wet days, of which the fairies had had plenty!

Tired of being cooped up inside, Lily was excited to go out and see how her sprouting seeds were doing. They were nearly finished and it would soon be time to sow more seeds, thought Lily to herself. She grew micro greens like basil and rocket, in little pots that sat nicely in the saucer under her house. The little pots made lovely gifts to share.

In her roof top garden Lily had planted pink and yellow spring bulbs. Lily knew it would be a while for them to flower, so this gave her time to think of games she could play with her friends until her garden was ready to enjoy. Hide and seek was a bit tricky now that the trees had shed their leaves; maybe it was time to play indoors!