Lily has fun with her friends !

My Fairy Garden Lily Fairy has fun with friendsWith a turn in the weather and a bit of warm sunshine, Lily was happy to be outside. In fact, she was delighted to be able to play with her friends again and jumped at the chance to help Belle in her garden.

In no time at all, frog, squirrel and mouse had dug over the soil, ready for sowing. They had so much fun it hard getting them to stop! Lily had the giggles and thought their antics were hilarious!

Realising that a muddy mess was imminent, Andrena suggested they all went and played lilypad hop to burn off their energy before lunch.

What fun they had! Lily loves games of any kind and was cheering the animals as they hopped across the Lilypads.

Lily was hoping her friend frog would win.

Who do you think will reach Lily first?