Happy Birthday Lily!💛

Happy Birthday Lily! 💛


Lily’s waking up on her birthday!


Fairy Lilys birthday My Fairy Garden

This summer fairy has gathered her friends together in the garden, to help celebrate her special day. 🌞


There will be no hard work for the fairies, they will be singing and dancing instead! 🎶


Plenty of rain recently means water for the animals to drink and for Lily to play in! 💧


Oh no! The twins have spotted rain clouds! 🌫


Is that rain? 🌧


Don’t forget to keep your wings dry! ☔


Quick everyone, take shelter! We don’t want any damp magic spoiling the day! ⛈


A carpet picnic indoors for lunch and then some fun and games, before a special birthday tea. 🎂


Perfect! 🦄


Enjoy your day the fairy way! 💕