The last day of Autumn

In fairy school, Heather was learning all about winter. She especially liked learning about what to look out for on walks. Her mind was bursting full of ideas for craft projects now that her autumnal duties were almost finished.

Heather has worked so hard in the garden during Autumn that she felt ready for a well earned rest. There were one or two leaves left to tidy away so she got work in the garden with squirrel. From up in the hazel tree Heather could see the catkins dangling in the light breeze, just like lambs’ tails!

That reminded the busy fairy that there were still bulbs to plant and things to make and do during the winter. Heather liked the bulbs that Blossom had planted; she noticed that the roots were growing down and had pushed the bulbs up slightly. The fresh green shoots were a lovely reminder that Spring would soon be here.