September Equinox Blog

Autumn starts on the September Equinox; this is the day Heather begins her garden duties as the Autumn fairy.

Andrena has a few jobs for Heather to take charge of; these include picking up windfall apples from the garden, checking nuts are growing on the hazel tree and collecting colourful leaves for crafts.


This should keep Heather busy for a while!


There is a bountiful harvest of apples, these will keep the fairies happy and healthy through the autumn months, thought Heather as she gathered the ripened fruit.


The hazel tree had a few nuts growing and a beautiful spider’s web too.


Heather was a dab hand at sewing with the silver thread provided by her friend.


There were plenty of beautiful leaves to collect too and this busy fairy could think of lots of crafts to make with the range of colours she found.


Have you found some Autumn treasure? Or seen any spider’s webs?