It’s Heather’s Birthday!


Heather the autumn fairy celebrated her birthday by organising an outdoor feast with her friends.

Together, they had amassed a variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries that they shared between them, making sure there was plenty to feed everyone.

One of Heather’s jobs was to ensure that the autumnal harvest was well stored, ensuring a plentiful supply of food to get them all through the winter.

Heather was also a dab hand at craft projects and could often be seen collecting this and that, finding a use for everything that she foraged or found on one of her walks.

For example, she knew how to fold a leaf to make an umbrella, when caught out unexpectedly in a rain shower. Heather loves the rain. It means she can look at her reflection in puddles before jumping in them and making a loud splash!


She loved the pumpkin house that Andrena had given her to shelter in, now that it was turning cold. She spent a happy birthday evening playing games and having fun with her friends, warm inside the pumpkin.

lit pumpkin