Heather’s Making Christmas Trees!

Heather has nearly finished her work as the Autumn fairy.

In fairy school, she has been busy helping the young fairies with a winter craft project.

Using lolly sticks and used match sticks, Hope, Joy and Fenn have been making Christmas trees to brighten up their flower pots.

With Heather’s help, the fairies have glued match sticks onto a painted lolly stick, making a triangular tree shape.

They painted the sticks first and stuck pretty decorations on afterwards, with glitter for extra sparkle.

Heather is very pleased with the tree decorations and wonders if the other fairies would like to make one with the spare sticks?

Maybe you would like to have a go?

If you don’t have match sticks you can use twigs and decorate with things you find.

Have fun! 🎄