Read the Garden Diary and discover what we have been doing in our gardens.

The Cherry Tree

Blossom takes time to admire the beautiful Cherry tree as it bursts

The Fairy Gardening School

Warm Spring sunshine made the twins' first gardening lesson a pleasurable experience.

My Fairy Garden Fairy School

Spring Blessings

Equinox means days will be getting longer and the nights shorter

my fairy garden equinox twins

Here in the fairy garden there is much Spring Joy!

What better way to start the growing calender than by planting seeds

my fairy garden magic bean pot twins

Spring has finally arrived in the fairy garden

There are flower bulbs making a welcome appearance after the dreary winter

My Fairy Garden Fairy Andrena

Lily has fun with her friends !

What fun they had! Lily loves games of any kind and was

Blossom gets ready for Spring!

Blossom the Spring fairy is busy with preparations in her garden. The

Belle's Birthday Party!

For Belle's Birthday the fairies gathered together for a special day of

My Fairy Garden Belle Fairy

Let Nature do her "winter thing"!

Wrap up warm and wait for Spring Let Nature do her "winter

Fairy Fenn and her Watering Can

Belle had been busy working to paint the landscape wintery white! It

Heather’s veggie box

Good morning from Heather! Pleased with her veggie box delivery, Heather was

My Fairy Garden Fairy heather and veg

Let me introduce you 'Belle the Winter Fairy'!

Hi all, I would like to introduce you to my friend Belle,

Make a Fairy Party Bunting with Lily!

The paper bunting looked so pretty that Lily decided to show you

My Fairy Garden Fairy Lily