Age: 8
Address: Woodland Glade
Character: Feisty, adventurous, protective of her friends and family, fun and can be mischievous (another word for naughty)
Favourite colours: Purple and red
Friends with: Squirrel, Fawn, Bat
Birthday: 1st November
Family: 2 younger and 1 older sisters
Hobbies and Interests: Baking, cooking, making crafts, collecting treasure, walking in nature, talking to trees, recycling and tidying the garden.


Fairy Heather’s Summer Garden

Us fairies want to grow something and have fresh, tasty, healthy food to eat every season but our tomatoes and cucumbers, courgettes that we have planted earlier in the year are looking a bit worn by the heat of this Summer 🙁

September Equinox Blog

Autumn starts on the September Equinox; this is the day Heather begins her garden duties as the Autumn fairy.

Fairy School Activities

It’s too wet to play outside this morning, so we are going to tidy up Blossom’s garden & sow some seeds for her. 🌱

Heather’s veggie box

Good morning from Heather!

Pleased with her veggie box delivery, Heather was preparing for winter weather.

My Fairy Garden Fairy heather and veg

The last day of Autumn

In fairy school, Heather was learning all about winter. She especially liked learning about what to look out for on walks. Her mind was bursting full of ideas for craft projects now that her autumnal duties were almost finished. Heather has worked so hard in the garden during Autumn that she felt ready for a […]

It’s Heather’s Birthday!

Heather the autumn fairy celebrated her birthday by organising an outdoor feast with her friends. Together, they had amassed a variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries that they shared between them, making sure there was plenty to feed everyone. One of Heather’s jobs was to ensure that the autumnal harvest was well stored, […]

My Fairy Garden