Age: 6
Address: Fairy Flowerpot
Character: Happy, outgoing, full of the joys of spring, chatterbox, creative, but may occasionally be impetuous
Favourite colours: green and pink
Friends with: Butterfly, hare, turtle dove
Birthday: 1st of May
Family: Older sisters
Hobbies and Interests: Singing, dancing, crafts, growing herbs and edible flowers, painting and making things.


Fairy School Activities

It’s too wet to play outside this morning, so we are going to tidy up Blossom’s garden & sow some seeds for her. 🌱

Blossom’s having a rest

While her friends were busy in the garden making sure all the plants and animals had a drink, Blossom enjoyed a well earned rest in the sunshine.

My Fairy Garden Fairy Blossom

Where is Blossom?

The fairies are having fun, cooling down in a dish of water that Fenn is filling from her pink and yellow watering can 💧🌈🌞

But where is Blossom?

Fenn feels the chill

‘It’s too cold for fairies!’ exclaimed Fenn as she was watering the little flowerpots that had dried out quickly in the cold wind.   Fenn was from far away near the Equator where cold winds were rare.   “Time to get indoors and warm up” she said to herself, thinking of lunch and the warm […]

The Cherry Tree

Blossom takes time to admire the beautiful Cherry tree as it bursts into flower

Spring Blessings

Equinox means days will be getting longer and the nights shorter

my fairy garden equinox twins

Blossom gets ready for Spring!

Blossom the Spring fairy is busy with preparations in her garden.
The tulips are growing well, but no sign of any flowers yet, just tall green leaves.

Blossom Loves Pink!

Blossom loved Autumn because nature had a way of transforming the landscape from all the bright sunshiney colours of summer into a beautiful canopy of muted reds, oranges, yellows and greens, not to mention the mauves and pinks. Pink was of course Blossom’s favourite colour and she always wore a pink dress to go with […]