Spring Blessings

Spring Time in the fairy garden is a time to welcome new growth and new additions!


The fairies have all come together to celebrate the arrival of newbies Hope and Joy, who together with young Fenn and her watering can, will assist Andrena and the gang with their seasonal tasks.

my fairy garden equinox twinsThe first thing they will learn in fairy school is how to plant their special magical beans. This they will do indoors as there is still the risk of frost, which is harmful to beans.


The Vernal Equinox means days will be getting longer and the nights shorter. It is warm enough to sow seeds now that the earth has felt the warmth from the Spring sunshine.


Bees are busy collecting pollen from the first blossom and early butterflies dance among flower tops in the sunshine.


Is your garden coming alive with flowers, birds or insects?

My Fairy Garden celebrating equinox 2017