Fairy School – Sowing Seeds!

A warm afternoon in the fairy garden is the perfect time to sow herbs to use later in the year.

Seeds sown now will produce plants that will be small enough to bring indoors in winter or the pots can be placed in a sheltered spot where the herbs will die back and hopefully regrow in the Spring.

Lily and Blossom are helping to teach Joy, Hope and Fenn, their first lesson in growing seeds. They have filled their pots with fresh soil and have each placed on top a seedmat cut to size, of mint, parsley and chives.

More soil was added before a gentle watering from Fenn and her Pink and Yellow watering can.

Plant labels that the young fairies had made in class, help to tell whose plant pot is whose. We don’t want any mistakes when it comes to making tea!

So as not to leave anyone out, extra seeds have been sown for the fairies who are busy working on other craft projects.

Enjoy the sunshine and get outside sowing seeds for your family and friends!

Bye for now!

The fairies 🦄💟🍨🌼🌞