Blossom Loves Pink!

Blossom loved Autumn because nature had a way of transforming the landscape from all the bright sunshiney colours of summer into a beautiful canopy of muted reds, oranges, yellows and greens, not to mention the mauves and pinks. Pink was of course Blossom’s favourite colour and she always wore a pink dress to go with the pink flowers like cyclamen, which matched her dress.

Autumn gave Blossom the opportunity to look for winter hardy plants suitable to grow in her little flower pot garden. She found it difficult to decide amongst all the bedding plants that were now in season as there were so many to choose from.

20161123_133248In the end, after much deliberation, Blossom decided to plant very small pink tulip bulbs in her garden. She couldn’t wait for the flowers to grow and she knew that she would be checking on their progress every day!20161123_132210

And with that thought, she was off! Her mind spinning with ideas for a new dress made with the tulip petals……