Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Magic is especially strong at dusk, when the birds sing as daylight fades into night.


It is the Unicorns who switch on the twinkling stars with a shake of their magnificent spiral horn, sending a magical pulse of light up into the sky, rather like a firework of sparkle!


Night time is when Unicorns take the fairies to faraway lands; they can go anywhere their imagination allows them!

If you would like an adventurous trip with a Unicorn of your own, just close your eyes (bed time is best) and ask for your Unicorn to come and take you somewhere magical in your dreams.


If you hear the sound of hooves and hear the snort of what sounds like a horse but smells like a flower garden, you can be sure a Unicorn has heard your request and appeared instantly, as if by magic!


Happy dream time!