Belle the Winter Fairy

Belle and mouse had moved indoors at the end of summer. It was no good getting waterlogged with all the rain they had been experiencing. It was almost winter and Belle was concerned that her garden was looking unseasonably summery, although it was nice on a sunny day to sit on the painted stones and chat with mouse about their plans for a winter garden.

20161123_113548_resizedIt was also nice to find her secret hideaway in the garden, now that the leaves had fallen off the magnolia tree, revealing the fluffy new buds. “Perfect for making warm hats and mitts”, thought Belle, looking at the silvery velvetness that bedecked her favourite tree.

20161123_113931_resizedIt was only a few weeks ago that Belle remembered helping with the apple harvest. Her job had been to test the apples for ripeness, by sitting on them. If they were ripe, the apples fell off, especially if she wiggled about a bit! Of course, she had to be quick and jump off before the apple hit the ground and it was also very important that she warned the other fairies who were waiting down below!

20160929_162144_resizedWhat fun they had had together! But now it was time to make plans for winter, the busiest time of year for Belle who was, after all, the winter fairy.