Are you ready to meet a Unicorn? 🦄❄

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden

Andrena is busy getting the fairy garden ready for Winter.


This year Elvie will be helping Belle with her seasonal fairy duties, helped by two of their Unicorn friends.


They have lots of special wishes to give out to children to help them have a restful sleep.


Unicorn magic is very good for keeping dreams sweet and definitely adds a special sparkle to bed time!


Unicorns have a unique knack for knowing how to calmly instil peace and quiet.


They especially enjoy storytime when they can tell their tales of wonderful trips around the world.


Winter is the Unicorns’ favourite season because they love everything white and sparkly!


You can often see their footprints in the snow and if the trail goes round and round in a spiral until you get to the middle, you can guarantee you are stepping into another magical realm!


Are you ready to meet a Unicorn?  🦄❄