Spring has finally arrived in the fairy garden

Spring has finally arrived in the fairy garden.

My Fairy Garden Fairy Andrena

There are flower bulbs making a welcome appearance after the dreary winter weather.

Birds are busy building their nests and other animals are slowly coming out of hibernation as the ground temperature rises and the sunlight hours increase.

Andrena would like you to meet Blossom the Spring fairy, who will be helping to take care of the garden along with her friends.


Blossom paints flower petals pretty colours and helps the birds to collect materials for their nests. In late Spring she will help to look after the young birds and assist with their flying lessons.

But for now, she is enjoying watching her garden grow. She is especially pleased with the tulips in her roof top garden.


My Fairy Garden Fairy BlossomThere is just enough room for Blossom to dance to the musical dawn chorus that greets her every morning as she watches the sun rise; what a wonderful way to start the day!

How do you start yours?

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