Hope’s summer project

For her Fairy School summer project, Hope is looking after the garden mint, a useful herb with many fragrant varieties, that prefers dappled or light shade and regular water. 🌱


Mint can be used in the kitchen as a culinary herb in food and drink. 🌿


In the bathroom, mint can be used in homemade toothpaste and cooling skin salve. 💚


In the garden, mint deters cabbage white butterflies. Rats and mice don’t like it either! 🐀


Hanging a bunch of mint near a window or entrance will deter most flying insects. 🍃


Hope likes mint because it helps her to stay cool; she likes mint tea made with hot water and a fresh leaf or two; mint leaves can be chopped and added to fruit juices and smoothies, to name a few of her favourite things 💜


Do you have any uses for mint to share?🕊