‘Fairy Facts’: a Poem by Andrena


lit pumpkin


Oh! hey there, did you know

that fairies can be seen?

Not by everyone, of course,

(especially if you’re mean!).


But if your heart is warm,

and good deeds rule your day,

there’s a good chance one will stop

and ask you out to play.


Some fairies love the sun,

when story time’s outside.

Where a big tree beckons shade,

a low branch gives a ride.


The winter time brings frost,

with weeks of cold and rain,

then the fairies take a rest,

until it’s warm again.


They sleep in what they find,

which can be anything;

they’ll recycle and repair,

with sticks and bits of string.


On fine days, if you’re free,

and nature beckons you,

you might find a fairy path,

or see the things they do.


It’s worth the time to look,

for tiny little doors,

just in case they’ve made their home,

so very close to yours!