Andrena’s Autumn Blog: “Meet Heather the Autumn Fairy!”

Andrena wants you to meet Heather the Autumn Fairy. Heather is busy gathering food and other necessary things for winter.20160929_141633_resized_1

Other creatures were busy too; spider was spinning her web, owl was out hunting and the other birds were gorging on the fat of the land.

Everywhere, Autumn was changing the colour of the landscape, whose hedgerows and trees were burnished with a rich tapestry of colours that exploded on the senses.

Underneath a canopy of jewel bright leaves, a treasure trove waits to be discovered. Acorns, fir cones, conkers, apples and pears, berries, nuts and seeds. Not forgetting the pumpkins and squash, of course!

Heather and Andrena were working round the clock to store carrots, beetroot and potatoes, before the frosts came. Apples were ready for picking and making into pies and crumbles. Yum!

20160929_150207_resizedNature had provided the fairies and their animal friends with a fantastic feast. They came together to celebrate Autumn and to give grateful thanks for all the good food they had been provided with. There was nothing like sharing with friends.